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Mid-October 16 newsletter

Crackle crackle…

Mid-October, it’s properly autumn now! Those pumpkins you harvested a few weeks ago are perfectly suited to a spicy, warming soup or perhaps you’re plucking up the courage to get carving for Halloween? The leaves are falling rapidly, a wondrous carpet of yellows, coppers, browns and reds lie beneath your wellied feet. Wood smoke pervades the air and there is an urge in our house to make sticky parkin (uncle Dan’s recipe) to wrap in greaseproof parcels and take on Sunday stomps through the woods and Downs.

It’s certainly time to embrace the dark evenings with family, friends or in glorious solitude; stargazing, huddling in the warming flames of a bonfire, the glow of a traditional hurricane lamp, the flicker of candlelight on the dining table and the sparkle of tiny twinkle fairy lights on the mantle (fairy lights are not just for Christmas)


Nutscene leaf sacks

Those leaves, a beautiful chestnut coloured carpet today, but makes a wonderful mulch for next year. The smell is amazing, rich humus and crumbly – and full of happy worms! Fill these loose weave hessian sacks, stow them behind the shed fill until next autumn. Go on, bag ’em up and look forward to a satisfying sniff next year.

Sneeboer leaf rakes

Sneeboer; the Royal family (well, they are Dutch) of tools make beautiful sprung rakes. I personally love the rivets (sad, moi? No I don’t think so). These are ideal for raking up the leaves from your lawn, borders and smaller fiddly areas. Available in three sizes and real objects of beauty and usefulness.

Bradley’s log gloves

The woodsmen & women amongst you will really appreciate these heavy duty, thick leather and suede log gloves. Not made for dexterity, but perfect for gathering logs, firewood, bramble and rose cuttings and adding them to the fire. Made by our fabulously eccentric friend Brad and his team in Shropshire

…rest & play…

Mon Premier Opinel

Carving pumpkins for Halloween or teaching your children to safely use a knife? Opinel have come up with a round tipped safety knife for little (tom)boys. Ideal for whittling, chopping bonfire sausages and giving a pumpkin a smile….

Little stove

Mr LPJ was so excited to discover this little wood burning stove. You can take it on your adventures (it all packs up inside itself) so great for summer hols. But, I see it as a fun addition to the autumn and winter wonderland. Staring at the stars whilst toasting chestnuts and watching your breath travel to the moon…

Feuerhand lanterns

These are a mainstay of our collection. There is nothing like the flicker of a real flame. We light these all year round in our garden and they are fabulous for bonfire parties. The only problem we find is which colour to choose from; decisions, decisions…