Outdoor living

Downtime in the garden and outdoor living, your garden isn’t just about the plants, weeding and digging (although they can be fun in their own way).

Perhaps the best part of gardening is when you down tools at the end of the day. Enjoy the evening time as twilight descends with lighting to making space for wildlife – we hope there is something for you here.


We love using our garden for al-fresco outdoor eating. From a quick wander round the borders in the morning with a cup of tea, to a leisurely brunch, make time for yourself. Similarly, whether it’s an informal chat with a pal in a cosy corner or a feast for friends, living outdoors revitalises the senses!


Not forgetting that we’re close to nature, wildlife lives beside us everywhere in the garden. We love birds and want to help them help us in the garden, so we’ve got plenty of feeders and nest boxes around. Also, thermometers & barometers bring out our inner BBC weatherman in charting the ever-changing environment around us.


In contrast, lighting can illuminate the darkness around us in the garden. After the sun has slipped away from the tree tops and headed west across someone else’s garden, we can enjoy our time with some lanterns and candles.