The Caractère collection from Fermob

With the Caractère collection, Fermob help you make your garden or patio into places to host friends, family, and neighbours. It is a simple yet smart, practical, and comfortable item.


Large, folding tables

The square table accommodates up to eight people and combined with one or two other tables, makes it ideal for large groups.

The rectangular table in the range, at 190 cm long, can host up to eight people comfortable – and maybe ten people at a squeeze – for even larger gatherings of friends and family.

Match the Caractère collection with a choice of Fermob chairs – Bistro, Facto or maybe Bellevie chairs for a modern, contemporary look. On the other hand, try a bench with it – Origami or Luxembourg would both work with this range.

The tables have a generous open space underneath with plenty of legroom.

One of the notable features about this table is its ability to fold away when not in use. These are the largest, foldable tables available from Fermob.

Also, the range is available in all the Fermob metal colours!

Multiple Caractère tables work in combination for different layouts.

The Caractère collection from Fermob is available in four sizes that can be combined to adapt to any space.

Caractère table combinations

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If you are looking for a stylish, functional, and versatile outdoor table, the Caractère table is a great option. It is made of durable materials, easy to care for, and easy to move around. Whether you are entertaining guests or just relaxing in the sun, the Caractère table is the perfect place to gather.