Fermob colours: the 2019 range

For 2019, Fermob is offering a choice of 23 metal colours in its chart.

Of these, 18 are available in fabric colours, their Outdoor Technical Fabric (OTF), although not all ranges incorporating fabric are available in all the fabric colours. Please see the individual ranges and items for the exact choice of colour.

New for 2019 are Red Ochre (20) and Acapulco Blue (21)!

Click a colour below to see more information about it and suggestions for combining colours.

Unfortunately last seasons problems with Deep Blue have not been resolved. Fermob were not happy with the quality and have now withdrawn the colour. Also for 2019, Linen (19) and Turquoise Blue (16) have been discontinued. If you would like any furniture in either of these two colours, please contact us and we will see what we can do to help. Discontinued colours may still be available from remaining stock or to order, but may be subject to longer lead times.