Lapilli Grey (C7)


A new grey – composed of two grey tones, with a textured, sparkled finish.

Lapilli Grey is a powerful colour that creates contrast and duality: it works perfectly with our green tones such as Cactus or Rosemary. Enjoy the freshness of nature beautifully paired with mineral shades.

Lapilli Grey (C7)

With brighter colours, Lapilli Grey creates a contrast thanks to its concrete effect. With our blues and greys, Lapilli Grey will create textural effects for ever more subtle and nuanced combinations.

Finally, used in monochrome, Lapilli Grey emphasizes the design of furniture, as commonly done in the field of architecture.


Metal colour: speckled, textured matt finish

Suggested colour combinations

Lapilli Grey (C7)
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Lapilli Grey moodboard

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