Fermob paint finishes

Fermob furniture comes in a number of different paint finishes using very high quality, durable paint, from DuPont. Powder coated and then baked, for a hard wearing finish, it will give you years of service in the garden.

There three main paint finishes are:

The two textured, matt finishes are similar, but the speckled one includes fine, reflective particles in the paint.

You might want to take the finish of the paint into consideration if you are mixing colours together across different pieces of furniture ein your garden.

Textured matt paint finish

The picture below shows the Fermob colour Rosemary, in close up, on a Costa table top.

Fermob Costa table in Rosemary, showing the textured paint finish.

The colours with the textured, matt finish are:

Speckled, textured matt paint finish

Whilst quite similar to the textured, matt finish, the speckled, textured finish has very fine highlights from miniscule, reflective particles in the paint.

The image below shows the top of a Floreal table in Storm Grey.

Fermob Floreal table in Storm Grey, showing the speckled, textured matt paint finish. Photography by Julie Ansiau

The paints with a speckled, textured, matt finish are:

Smooth, satin paint finish

The image below shows a Bellevie low table in Honey, one of the smooth, satin finish colours.

Fermob Bellevie low table in Honey, showing the satin paint finish.

The Fermob colours available in the smooth, satin paint finish are: