Leaf sacks


Leaf sacks allow you to make your own fantastic leaf mulch to feed your plants and garden.

Those leaves, a beautiful chestnut coloured carpet today, but makes a wonderful mulch for next year.  The smell is amazing, rich humus and crumbly – and full of happy worms! Fill these loose weave hessian sacks, stow them behind the shed fill until next autumn.  Go on, bag ’em up and look forward to a satisfying sniff next year.

Every autumn you can make some enriching compost for your garden. Gather up the leaves (even better if you can mow them to chop them up) and just stuff them into these sacks. It’s best to use deciduous leaves such as oak, beech or hornbeam, rather than conifers and if they’re damp, so mulch (sorry!), the better. Then tuck them away somewhere in the garden; behind the shed, under a hedge or tree and sit back with the warm glow that nature is doing the work for you. The following year, you’ll find them reduced in size to a wonderful smelling, thick, crumbly, almost edible goo; the leaves reduced by a fungal process (it’s different to other vegetable matter being turned into compost by bacteria and worms).


Made of bio-degradable hessian and jute. Pack of two.

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