Loki stove


The Loki stove has really got us excited about the evenings drawing in as autumn approaches.

Pack it away to transport it (it weighs about 12 kilograms); the three legs fold away and the chimney flue sections stow inside.

With the Petromax Loki stove, cooking a delicious meal while camping is as easy on the cooker as at home; light it, and place a pot or pan (or two) on the cooking surface (40 cm × 25 cm). It is possible to remove the round cooking plate from the cooking surface and cook directly over the open fire.

The heat is controlled by a flue in the chimney which can restrict the air flow (and the five chimney sections mean it can really draw air to aid burning) and with the door which has two positions for regulating the incoming air.

The Camping Stove and Tent Oven Loki is suitable for different types of tent if completed with the proper tent kit (please contact us for details – we don’t keep these in stock but can get them in). We can also get accessories (such as a spark arrestor, which we strongly recommend) and also a transport bag.

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