Feuerhand hurricane lanterns
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Feuerhand hurricane lanterns


These Feuerhand hurricane lanterns are of a superb quality from Germany since 1893. They will keep your terrace lit for many an evening between refueling.

Burn time is up to 20 hours between refueling.

We also sell spare wicks, glasses and lamp oil.

The colours

We vary the colours we carry, so the ones shown in the picture may not always be available.

These instructions will help you get your lantern lit. If you have any problems, please pop into the shop where we will show you how to use it.


You can use paraffin or refined lamp oil – if using in a confined space, we recommend lamp oil.
To fill the lantern, unscrew the cap and fill with oil until just below the level of the cap opening.
When first filling the lantern (or if the oil has run out or using a new wick), let the wick soak up the oil for 15 minutes or so.


To light the lantern, lift the glass with the lever, adjust the wick so that a short piece (1/2cm) is visible and light with a match or lighter.
Lower the glass by releasing the lever and adjust the wick so that the flame is steady and not too high. (If it’s too high, you’ll get black smoke from the chimney at the top and the glass will soot up.)


To extinguish, turn the wick down to reduce the flame, lift the glass and blow it out.


To replace the wick: Make sure the lantern has cooled down. Lift the chimney (there is a spring forcing it down onto the glass) and tilt the glass away. You can now remove the small dome with the wick and wick adjustment handle by turning it a little. Remove the old wick and feed a new wick in, turning the wick adjustment handle until the wick is visible above the small dome. To assemble, re-attach the small dome to the body, ensuring it is seated squarely. Return the glass to an upright position and make sure the chimney is sat snugly back on top.
To replace the glass: Make sure the lantern has cooled down. Lift the chimney (there is a spring forcing it down onto the glass) and tilt the glass away. Ease away the wires around the glass to remove it. Refitting is just a reversal of the steps.

How to use your lantern to download the manual.

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