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November 16 newsletter

A bonfire is not just for the 5th…

(I meant to send this out earlier in the month, been a bit busy…)

Golly gumdrops (and gumboots) how can we be in the penultimate month of the year already? The long Indian Summer certainly lulled me into a drowse and suddenly its totally dark at home time and I can see the breath I breathe as I stomp homeward. Homeward, to the prospect of a cosy fire and something bubbling on the stove with goats cheese dumplings…

November; a month to embrace the dark but enjoy the daylight hours whilst you can by wrapping up warm and taking those first frosty walks of winter amid landscapes full of nature, from the tiniest mushrooms peeking through the damp grass to the majestic sight and sound of stag deer braying his dominance. It’s also a month to be in the garden clearing and tidying away the remnants of summer and planting a springtime crescendo of bulbs.

Work (or walk)…

Boot racks and jacks

Mud, mud, glorious mud! Great stuff to squelch in but a bugger when you’re trying to remove your wellies. Our oak boot jack means you don’t have to rely on someone else to pull (often with comical results) – and then store them neatly on oak pegs!!

Feather dusters

Now Halloween has passed, time to clear the cobwebs. Natural static in the ostrich feather collects the dust and webs with one swoop, a shake out through the window blows them away. We have two sizes, including an extending version that reaches into the high corners that spiders love to hide.

Bulb planters

Perhaps I’m the only one who gets round to planting spring bulbs on Boxing Day (they still come up) but officially they should be planted around now. Sneeboer tools are handmade beauties from the Netherlands and their long handles bulb planter turns the task into a breeze. Alternatively the Great Dixter trowel is perfect for deep, narrow planting but has other uses too.

…rest & play…

Opinel corkscrew

All that hard work, it’s now time to relax and revel in the aches of your labours, a glass vin rouge anyone? Our folding knife supplier has developed what we think is the perfect picnic/camping/bonfire knife. A knife for cheese (or bonfire whittling) with a nice, strong corkscrew that fits neatly into the handle. Chin chin…

Falcon enamelware

Chin chin indeed, whether it be wine or hot chocolate, you cannot beat the authentic look of these enamelware beakers and mugs. Traditional enamelware has stood the test of time and is made to last. The problem is what colour to go for?

Finnish blankets

Sitting around the campfire, staring into the flames as traditional a pastime as any I can imagine. How about adding to the shear cosiness and romance by adding a beautiful blanket to snuggle in? We love these from Finland (they know about winter) 100% wool but very light so easy to gather up and take on adventures (or wrap up on your favourite chair by the hearth)