Corona Duo blanket


This Corona Duo blanket, made in 100% wool, has a distinctive pattern, an organic interleaving of squares and circles. The two-tone colour accents light and shade, and looks wonderful thrown over a bed, draped over a chair or wrapped around a loved one.

The blanket is made out of 100% high quality, fine South American wool, spun according to the Öko-Tex standard from mulesing free yarn. Woven in Finland.

Please see the images of the product for a better view of the detail.


130 cm × 170 cm (excluding the fringes).

Looking after your Corona Duo blanket – care instructions

Only wash if the blanket is very dirty, otherwise take it outdoors and air it in the fresh air for a while.

Hand wash at a maximum of 30°C or dry clean.

If using powder detergent, dissolve it in plenty of water, then immerse the blanket in the water and wash immediately. Squeeze gently. Do not scrub, stretch or wring out. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze out most of the water. Press the blanket between towels until half-dry and leave it to dry in an airy space.

Do not tumble dry.

Iron with a damp cloth, max. 150°C.