Dustpan & brush


Blending design, skillful craftsmanship and ethical manufacturing, this dustpan & brush by Iris Hantverk should bring a smile to your cleaning chores.

Iris Hantverk have been making brushes in Stockholm for over 125 years. Their ethos is to combine natural materials with an ethical approach to manufacturing. They employ visually impaired craftspeople who manufacture brushes by touch. It really is our pleasure to work with the company since our early days. Today, they sell the brushes worldwide, through a mixture of stores, large and small.

About the dustpan and brush

Made from moulded polypropylene, the dustpan is available in a number of colours.

For the brush, the handle, made from oil treated beech means it should keep its fine appearance for years, whilst the bristles of horsehair are both soft and durable; again there is a long history of brushes made with horsehair, a history that Iris Hantverk live and breathe today.

Truly a thing of beauty.

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