Wild Rocket


Wild Rocket is a spicy salad leaf.  Delicious and peppery.  I love it with olive oil, lemon juice and shavings of Parmesan cheese.  When we have a glut we make rocket and walnut pesto to stir in with pasta.  So economical to grow, 6000 seeds for £3, when a bag of soon to be slimy rocket from the supermarket is £2 – give rocket a go, it’s so easy!!

This early variety produces mid sized open bunches of green serrated leaves. The stalks are delicate and crunchy with an intensely aromatic, spicy flavour. Very easy to grow. Stronger flavour than the cultivated variety. Cut and come again (2-3 times).

Common name Wild Rocket
Latin name Rucola selvatica
Quantity 6000
Plant size Height: 50 cm
Width: 20 cm
Planting outdoors Mar to Sep
Germination 3 to 8 days
Harvesting Cut and come again, basically keep harvesting the shoots and it'll keep on giving
Planting 0.5 cm depth
Light Full sun to partial shade
Caring Wild rocket is hotter in flavour than cultivated rocket, and if you leave it to flower, it will be even hotter still!

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