Bellevie table with storage


The Bellevie table with storage brings a new twist to the Bellevie table.

A centre section, with teak pieces to cover it, can be used to store cutlery, napkins, salt and pepper…

Or perhaps glassware, candles, wine bottles – the choice is yours.

The teak pieces to cover the central storage section are planed smooth on one side and ridged on the other. You can use them either way up – the idea is that the ridged side is used as a placemat.

is a lightweight designer aluminium table and ideal for the whole family: it’s perfect for snack time, homework, family games, dinners with friends or an improvised office space. It will delight young and old alike and can accommodate up to eight people!

The regular, contemporary lines of the table legs merge into the curved edge of the top. It’s clear, unobstructed space beneath allows use of chairs or benches around it without fear of bumping into the legs. Pads on the underside of the legs protect both the base of the table and the surface it’s on.

Availability 5 to 7 weeks.
Material Aluminium sheet tabletop
Flat aluminium base
Four teak covers
Set of two leg risers provided for rain runoff
Guarantee 3-year guarantee
Protection Very High Protection Treatment for outdoor use
Anti UV powder coating
Capacity Suitable for up to eight people
Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 196 cm (l) × 90 cm (w) × 74 cm (h)

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