The Alizé collection by Fermob

Alizé by Fermob boasts all the nobility and elegance of the transatlantic liners. Designed by Pascal Mourgue, this collection is a lesson in lightness: lightness in terms of materials, which sees an aluminium frame combined with OTF, and lightness in terms of lines, with its extremely clean and crisp curves. It’s a collection that attracts you with its design and wins you over with its extreme comfort!

About the collection

Alizé is the perfect poolside outdoor furniture collection.

Alizé sun-lounger


Alizé sun-lounger


Welcome to the good life

With the Alizé range, Fermob evoke the timeless elegance of relaxing poolside, somewhere in the South of France.

Extremely comfortable from the Outdoor Technical Fabric, the sun-loungers have an adjustable backrest, so you can move between reading the latest thriller to catching some sunshine whilst drifting off.

In fact, the Alizé sun-lounger can adjust to a zero-gravity position: In the zero-gravity position, your heart is aligned with your back and legs, helping to significantly reduce the sensation of gravity, and fully relaxing your entire body. Placing your legs at the same level as or higher than your heart reduces pressure on your lower back and spine, limits muscle tension in your lower back, promotes blood flow in your legs, reduces strain on your heart, eases pressure on your rib cage and makes it easier for your lungs to expand, thereby increasing oxygen content in the blood.

Alizé sun-lounger


The sun-loungers

The collection has two sun-loungers: the Alizé sun-lounger and the Alizé sun-lounger XS. The differences between them are:

Alizé sun-lounger

Backrest positions: 5
Footrest positions: 2
Weight: 13.5 kg
Width: 90 cm
Integrated wheels for moving

Alizé sun-lounger XS

Backrest positions: 2
Footrest positions: 1 (fixed)
Weight: 12.0 kg
Width: 84 cm

Alizé sun-lounger


Alizé armchair and foot-stool


Alizé sun-lounger XS and offset low table


The tables

The two tables give you a choice.

Alizé low table

Best suited next to a sun-lounger, as it is the lower of the two tables, at a height of 44 cm.

Alizé offset low table

This table is a little higher at 55.4 cm and with its offset base, this allows it to be placed over a sun-lounger.

The colours

The tables

Available in all the Fermob metal colours:


Black Cherry

Red Ochre





Willow Green



Cedar Green

Acapulco Blue

Deep Blue



Storm Grey

Lapilli Grey

Clay Grey

Ice Mint

Frosted Lemon

Opaline Green

Cotton White

The seating

As the Alizé sun-loungers, armchair and footstool incorporate Fermob’s Outdoor Technical Fabric, they are available in the following colours:



Rosemary ☼

Storm Grey ☼

Acapulco Blue ☼

Anthracite ☼

Clay Grey ☼

New Stereo Fabric

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