Wellington boot rack


The Wellington boot rack is a wall-mounted boot rack. Available in two sizes for holding two or three pairs of boots. It’s similar to the Shaker peg rails, with which it looks great mounted alongside to make a longer run. Made from oak from sustainable sources, and supplied in a natural, unfinished state; you could apply an oil finish if you require.

Taking its styling from the Shaker craft style, the wellington boot rack is available in two sizes;

  • Two pairs, measuring 44.0 cm (17.3 in).
  • Three pairs, measuring 66.0 cm (26 in).

They all measure 7 cm high, with the pegs protruding 17 cm.


To mount them on the wall, use fixings suitable for the wall (not included). Draw a horizontal line (assuming you want it level!); mark the drill positions from the back of the rail. Using round-headed screws, screw them into your fixings leaving the screw head about 10 mm clear of the wall (it depends how flat your wall is). Then you can mount the boot rack on the key holes and if it is loose, take it off, tighten the screws a quarter turn and try it again. (Alternatively, it it won’t go on, loosen the screws a little.) Repeat until it sits snugly on the wall.

Includes screws for the hidden (keyhole) mounting.

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