Hand-dipped beeswax candles


These hand-dipped beeswax candles are made in Cumbria, on the edge of the moorland. The beautiful fragrance of beeswax gives a honey note to your home.

Candle sizes and burn times

Candle typeDimensionsBurn time
Tree or short taper102 mm long, 15 mm diameter1.5 hours
Stubby114 mm long, 22 mm diameter3.5 hours
Thin taper228 mm long, 12 mm diameter3.5 hours
Standard dinner228 mm long, 22 mm diameter8 hours
Long, standard dinner355 mm long, 22 mm diameter12 hours
Giant355 mm long, 28 mm diameter26 hours
Extra long460 mm long, 25 mm diameter21 hours

All candles are priced per pair.

There will be some small variations in size, due to the hand-dipped process of manufacturing.

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