Wood and brush doormat


This wood and brush doormat is designed and manufactured in Scandinavia by Iris Hantverk. We’ve had one outside our kitchen door for years and it’s still looking good for a few more years yet!

About the maker

The company (run by one of the loveliest people we have met) can trace it’s history back to 1870. Originally set up to employ visually employed craftsman, today they continue this practice. Since their beginnings in Sweden, they have built a network through Scandinavia and the Baltic region with like-minded suppliers & partner organisations.

Until recently (2012), government funding helped them but now they stand on their own feet; every purchase of one of these products helps more than ever. They employ five visually impaired craftsmen in their own factory and more throughout partners in the region.

But this isn’t a charity product – the company works with designers who understand the materials and bring a Scandinavian style to the products.

They’ve even managed to source materials to match old brushes and supply these to other specialist manufacturers – they know their brushes!

Dimensions: 60 cm × 40 cm × 4 cm.
Weight: 2.545 kg.
Brush material: hard-wearing nylon.

As featured in The Telegraph, Lifestyle Gardening section by Helen Yemm, 16th September 2017.

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