Spinach Matador


Spinach Matador is a nice, dark green cooking spinach.  A Victorian variety so tried and tested and eaten for over a century.  Try a spinach and Roquefort tart or simply wilt with butter and nutmeg for a delicious side dish.

Mid-early variety. Compact plant with vigorous growing habit, with semi erect, dark green, tender leaves. Resistant to bolting so recommended for summer harvest. Victorian variety.

Common name Spinach
Latin name Spinacia oleracea
Variety Matador
Quantity 1300
Planting indoors Feb to May
Planting outdoors Mar to May
Aug to Oct
Planting 2.5 cm depth
Thinning 7.5 cm
Light Partial shade
Watering Regular, moderate watering
Harvesting Harvest the leaves continually once they're large enough to pick. To prevent the leaves tasting bitter make sure the soil is rich and contains plenty of organic matter.

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