Costa table 160 × 80 cm


The Costa table 160 cm by 80 cm is a chic, functional new aluminium table that can accommodate up to six people with minimum space (thanks to its 160 cm × 80 cm size) and maximum stability. This original slatted table is perfect for creating customised combinations with other articles in the collection. It’s the ideal companion to the 80 cm × 80 cm table for unplanned guests; or to add a another identical table for a huge banquet table!

There is also a large (extending) version available; however please note that this is also very slightly larger (180 cm × 90 cm) compared to that one, even in its non-extended position.


Special notice

Please note: Fermob have had to suspend production of this product for the 2021 season. It is unlikely to be available before September 2021.

Please see here for a note on lead times for Fermob during Spring and Summer 2021.
Availability September 2021
Material Aluminium frame
Aluminium table top
Guarantee 3-year guarantee
Protection Very High Protection Treatment for outdoor use
Anti UV powder coating
Capacity Suitable for up to six people
Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 160 cm (l) × 80 cm (w) × 73 cm (h)
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