Picnics, barbecues, outdoors (or in…), it’s all about the eating for us!

We’ve climbed (well, walked up) mountains, sailed to Wild Cat Island in the Lake District and canoed out to Scolt Head off the Norfolk coast; every-time we’ve made sure to take a little something. Whether it’s a little bread and honey for a stomp on Ashdown Forest, or a sunset barbecue at mid-summer on a beach in Cornwall; there’s something here to make the time more fun.

Eating outdoors always seems to taste better…

Not only picnic blankets to sit on, but also bucket barbecues to sizzle the sausages. A fabulous wood-burning stove that can cook up a storm in addition to packing up to carry into the wilderness. Classic French super-tough glassware that looks great at home in addition to being chucked in the boot of a car for an expedition. Enamelware mugs that can survive the roughest of tumbles…

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Showing 13–22 of 22 results