Fermob fabrics

The fabrics utilised in Fermob furniture are suitable for outdoor use; it’s waterproof!

Fabrics are used in a number of different ways:

Not all of the colours in the metal range are available in the fabrics. Here we’ll explain the choice in fabrics and some of the subtle differences within the range. For example, whilst, for 2020, there are 13 colours available in the fabrics, not all of the furniture with fabric is available in all of these fabric colours.

But first, let’s look at the fabric itself.

Outdoor Technical Fabric = OTF

Fermob have worked for a number of years with a fabric specialist, Serge Ferrari, with over 30 years experience in outdoor fabrics. The resulting fabric, Batyline®, is extremely resistant against sagging and stretching, whilst still being lightweight.

Fermob have utilised two styles of the fabric in their furniture; the majority use a single colour throughout the fabric, but some of the range use a new style for 2020, called Stereo. Here, the weft and the weave are in two complementary colours that together make a harmonious combination.

So let’s look at the colours available:

Single colours

Stereo colours

These fabrics are woven from two different colours, each complimenting the other to create a subtle movement to the fabric.


For the Bellevie range, the cushions are available in three colours:

Woven seats

Whereas OTF is fused into a single sheet, there are some Fermob products that use a free weave, such as the Sixties collection.

Caring for your Fermob fabric products

Whilst OTF is resistant to both moisture and micro-organisms, and is also treated with an anti-fungal product, sometimes it can still get a little dirty.

We recommend that you don’t use any solvents or abrasive cleaning products. Simply, the best way to clean it is with some soap and water and a cloth. In some cases, a soft brush might come in handy to work into the weave of the fabric, but the gentler you can treat the OTF, the longer it will last.