The Sixties collection from Fermob

The compact and curvy Sixties collection perfectly embodies the Fermob attitude: resolutely young and laid-back. With welcoming curves, a colourful aluminium frame, a resin seat that’s sensual to the touch, and airy woven patterns, Sixties promises gentle moments outside and in.

About the Sixties collection

The Sixties collection — a retro styled range with up-to-date design & quality.

The range comprises a low table with complementary bench and chair, as well as a higher chair suited to dining.

Sixties chairs and Flower table


Sixties chair


The seating colours

The seats, comprising a light, aluminium frame with a hard-wearing, woven seat, are available in four distinct colours:

Cotton White



Red Ochre

The resin woven seat material is so comfortable, and whilst its natural spring ensures a comfortable seat, it won’t stretch and deform over time.

Sixties armchair


The table colours

The tables are available in all the Fermob colours, so you could add a table in a complementary colour.

For example, Cactus mixes with Chili and Capucine in a bohemian combination, whilst Red Ochre forms a natural tinged palette with Rosemary and Nutmeg.

See here for more information about the Fermob colours.

Sixties low table, bench and armchair


Sixties chair and Flower table


Sixties chair and Flower table


Inside or out?

Whilst Fermob are best known for outdoor furniture, many pieces look equally great indoors.

The Sixties chair extends the Sixties range into dining territory.

Possibly combine it with a Flower table as shown here. The chairs and table have protective pads on the bottom to protect your flooring.

Designed by Frédéric Sofia and awarded a VIA Label in 2010.

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