Belle bird feeder


Intended for small birds such as tits, sparrows, nuthatches and finches to feed and to deter larger birds, the Belle bird feeder can hold both large and small fat balls, fruit and kitchen scraps. It can also hold nesting material such as wool — such as fluff from the tumble dryer. The Belle feeder is small, simple and stylish, easy to clean, easy to fill, weather-proof, and the unique design prevents damage to birds feet and beaks that can be caused by mesh and wire. A perfect gift for garden and nature lovers.

Feeder dimensions: 90 mm × 90 mm × 90 mm

About the Belle bird feeder

Slip-cast in clay. Supplied with stainless steel wire & tree protector.

Designed and made in the UK (in sunny Cornwall and Staffordshire).

Available in white, blue, lime green and mushroom.

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