Cotton and denim hanging chair


This soft cotton and upcycled denim hanging chair with a wooden spreader bar; ideal for hanging from a branch under a favourite tree.

From El Salvador in Central America, we’ve managed to find some beautiful cotton hammocks and hanging chairs. Manufactured from cotton and upcycled denim to make a finely woven pattern; it comes with a wooden spreader bar which keeps the chair hanging open.

A very generously sized chair with an extra wide body.

Sourced from pre-consumer industrial waste, the upcycled denim is re-spun to make a new fabric, eliminating waste and reducing carbon emissions. Chemical-free and dye-free and 100% bio-degradable, each kilogram of upcycled material, saves up to 20,000 litres of water.

Body size: 128 cm by 165 cm

Rated up to 140 kg, you will need to find a suitably sturdy branch to support the cotton and denim hanging chair.

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