Cotton and denim hammock


This soft cotton and upcycled denim hammock with wooden spreader bars is perfect for summer relaxing in the shade of a tree.

From El Salvador in Central America, we’ve managed to find some beautiful cotton hammocks and hanging chairs. Manufactured from cotton and upcycled denim to make a finely woven pattern; it comes with wooden spreader bars which

which makes it a little easier to get into and get out of, though this still takes a little practice!

The best way we’ve found of using the hammock is to stand by the middle of the side of it, facing away, and then sit down into it before swinging your feet up and in at the same time as you turn through 90 degrees and lie down. Should you want to get up again, just do this in reverse, but we wouldn’t be in a rush to get up that soon.

Sourced from pre-consumer industrial waste, the upcycled denim is re-spun to make a new fabric, eliminating waste and reducing carbon emissions. Chemical-free and dye-free and 100% bio-degradable, each kilogram of upcycled material, saves up to 20,000 litres of water.

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