HK-500 lantern
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HK-500 lanternHK-500 lanternHK-500 lantern with (optional) reflectorHK-500 lantern



A stunning outdoor lantern in polished chrome. Originally patented in 1910, well engineered, the light comprises over 200 parts; additionally spares are available.

This pressurised lantern, fueled with petrol or paraffin, gives out a bright light equivalent to a 400 W electrical light!

The built-in pump pressurises the fuel tank, coupled with the included pressure gauge which indicates when the correct operating pressure is reached.

It includes full instructions and the manufacturer even has an on-line forum for support enquiries and owners to talk about the lanterns!

There is also available an optional reflector that reflects the light downwards.

Lantern dimensions

Height: 42 cm
Diameter: 16.5 cm
Weight: 2.4 kg

Tank capacity: 1 litre
Burn time: 8 hours
Material: Chrome plated brass

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