Aleppo soap flakes


Aleppo soap flakes, still made in Syria today, are a traditional product with a long history. Artisan makers in and around the city of Aleppo have a long history of soap making, with some sources thinking that it was from here that soap was introduced to Europe.

These soap flakes continue that tradition, made in cauldrons over heat. Olive oil and soda (from sea water) are slowly boiled together to make a paste. Laurel oil is added and then dried naturally; initially spread on the floor before being cut into blocks which are then stacked to allow air to circulate and dry the soap, thereby making a hard soap.

At le petit jardin, we use these flakes to make our own laundry liquid. Boil one tablespoon of flakes together with one litre of water until dissolved; once cooled, use as a laundry liquid. You could even add essential oils if you wanted, though we think the natural aroma is wonderful as it is.

1 kg bag.

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