No. 09 oyster knife by Opinel


The No. 09 oyster knife is a a pocket knife to open oysters and shellfish gently. With its short, pointed blade which is only sharp at the point, this pocket oyster knife is effective at opening cupped and flat oysters.

Manufactured in Savoie in the French Alps for over 125 years, Opinel’s heritage in knife manufacturing is renowned.

The locking mechanism, introduced in 1955, in order to improve safety; invented by the owner at the time, Marcel Opinel, the son of the founder, Joseph Opinel.

  • Bubinga handle, a compact African wood with a fine grain.
  • 6.5 cm blade in stainless steel, sharpened only at the tip (1.5 cm).
  • Virobloc safety ring, locks the blade in either the open or closed position.
  • Tip centred on axis for better ergonomics.
  • Includes an explanatory booklet.

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