Fire blower


No more of the huff and the puff starting your fire or unwieldy bellows; this simple fire blower is the perfect and safe way to get a flame from your embers. Use it to kindle a fire back to life when you’re faced with a little flame or glowing embers. Just add some small combustible pieces, such as wood shavings or small kindling, and blow on the embers to revitalise the fire.

The oiled beechwood handle and mouthpiece insulate you from any heat that conducted through the 60 cm long aluminium pipe. Ideal for wood-burners, open fires and even barbecues.

Also called a “Bouffadou” in France. The name is the French spelling of the Occitan Bofador or bufador , from the verb Bofar or bufar which means “to blow”. The inhabitants of Lozere used to call it “the device to ignite the fire without burning your whiskers”.

Just remember to blow and not suck!

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