Tomato Thai Pink Egg


Tomato Thai Pink Egg – one of the most beautiful tomatoes cultivated today.

As its name implies, it has smooth, pink-red skin and shaped like an egg. Hailing from Thailand, it is a variety from the Southeast-Asian grape tomato family. Characterised by a plum-like shape, thicker skin and higher sugar content than standard tomatoes. The variety seems to have been popularised after Nichols Garden Nursery in the U.S.A. began to stock it in 1997. Since then, its beautiful and delicious fruits have spread across the globe, being found at farmer’s markets and in gourmet restaurants far and wide.

If you go to Thailand, don’t forget to ask for kanchanaburi, which is not only the name of a Thai province, but also the local name for the Tomato Thai Pink Egg.

Common name Tomato
Latin name Solanum lycopersicum
Variety Thai Pink Egg
Quantity 250 seeds
Plant size Height: 90 cm
Width: 45 cm
Container size Height: 30 cm
Width: 30 cm
Companion plant(s) Basil, Nasturtium, Okra, Garlic chives, Borage, Mint
Planting indoors Feb to Mar
Planting outdoors Apr to May
Germination 10 to 20 days
Harvesting 60 to 80 days
Planting 3 cm to 5 cm at 0.5 cm depth
Thinning 30 cm to 40 cm
Light Full sun
Soil Well-drained, light and moist soil
Watering Regular, heavy watering
Feeding Heavy feeding
Caring It is well known that compact varieties can become messy as a plant grows. Support the plant with a single, stout stake and prune out all side stems by simply snapping off the suckers with your fingers.
Beneficial wildlife Although tomatoes are self-pollinating plants, pollinators will increase fruit set.
Pests The strong smells of onions and garlic will deter pests from the area around a tomato plant.
Harvesting The fruit is at its flavour peak when it becomes deep pink in colour and has a firm texture when the fruit is squeezed gently. Cut them off the plant with scissors and keep a short stub of stem attached to prevent rotting.
Eating Medicinal use: Rich in nutrients and vitamins. Helps protect cells from aging.

How to eat: Whatever you decide to do with them, Thai Pink Egg tomatoes are best eaten raw in order to preserve their unique pink colour. A fresh tomato salad (mixed with Thai chilies, coriander and lime) is the perfect, quick and easy complement to any Thai meal!

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