Plum tomato Scipio


This variety of plum tomato, Scipio, has been known as Astro in the past. It’s a classic plum tomato for Italian sauces and pizza toppings.

Plum tomatoes keep their shape better and make for a firmer, more robust sauce.

Look at it, you could actually be in Italy. A perfect plum tomato for sauces, can you hear it blip, blip, blipping away in the saucepan?  You need to buy these tomato seeds, and grow them obviously.

Classic bush plum variety, it has a thin skin, less water and is high in pulp. Typically, fruits weigh 85 g to 100 g each.

Common name Plum tomato
Latin name Solanum lycopersicum
Variety Scipio
Planting indoors Feb to Apr
Planting outdoors Mar to May
Light Full sun to partial shade
Soil Well-drained, fertile and moist
Watering Regular, moderate watering
Feeding Heavy feeding
Pests Resistant to rot, verticillium and fusarium

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