Mixed colour radish


Mixed colour radish seeds mean you’re going to get a surprising spectrum of these beauties when they pop up.

What fiery fun!  Spicy, crunchy radishes scattered through a salad.  Red, magenta, golden yellow and white.  So easy and quick to grow – have a go!! You won’t get this selection in your local supermarket!

An interesting mixed colour pack of white, yellow, red and purple radishes.

The packet contains early varieties, all with a good resistance to going woody. The packet contains:

  • Radish White
  • Radish Saxa 2
  • Radish Zlata
  • Radish purple
Common name Mixed radish
Quantity 2700
Planting outdoors Feb to May
Sep to Oct
Harvesting Harvest regularly, eat young plants otherwise they can go woody. Spring sown: March to June. Autumn sown: Sept to Nov
Planting Sow little and often in shallow drills, they grow fast
Thinning Eat the thinnings and the radish tops for spicy leaves
Light Full sun to partial shade
Soil Well-drained, fertile and moist
Watering Regular watering, not overdone

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