I love a little scattering of chives, a slight and mild onion flavour in salads or incorporated in a frittata.  Happily growing in a pot, I also pop a few into each corner of a raised bed.  Easy peasy and everso yummy.

Chives form part of the French herb mix, fines herbes, where along with tarragon, chervil and parsley, they are used to flavour the classic omelette aux fines herbes which, according to his diaries, was part of Monet’s regular breakfast feast.

Common name Chives
Latin name Allium schoenoprasum
Plant size Height: 25 cm
Width: 10 cm
Planting outdoors Feb to Jul
Light Full sun to partial shade
Soil Well-drained, moist and loamy soil
Watering Regular watering, not overdone
Caring After snipping and eating, cut back foliage in the autumn and it'll pop up again the following spring. Rejuvenate congested clumps in the ground by lifting and dividing plants every three years or so - they kind of go on forever in a happy way.
Beneficial wildlife Left to flower (and you can eat the flowers), bees love them.
Harvesting Unlike many members of the allium family, you don't eat the bulbs but the leaves (technically the scapes). This means they can grow back year after year.
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