Celery ‘Gigante Dorato’


Crunch!! My grandad used to grow celery; I loved my grandad but as a child I didn’t love his celery. Perhaps if he’d served it with hummus instead of just salt my young taste buds would have been more forgiving of his gardening efforts. It is the perfect scoop for dips and soft cheeses, a great alternative to bread for packed lunches (my husband would strongly disagree as he hates celery but lives for bread, perhaps it’s a Marmite crop?)

This is a Golden legs of celery. This variety is perfect to be used raw, for dipping in ‘Bagna Cauda’ and as a base for pasta sauce (with carrot and onion). Not self blanching. This is an Alpine variety, blanched by wrapping newspaper around. To be sown in spring for harvest in Summer.

Common name Celery
Latin name Apium graveolens L.
Variety Dorado Gigante
Quantity 5000
Planting outdoors Feb to Jun
Harvesting Harvest when plants are big enough to eat (scoop of hummus) and harvest before first frosts
Planting Plant out seedlings in a trench, preferably incorporating plenty of well rotted organic matter.
Watering Regular, heavy watering
Feeding Light feeding
Caring Plants can be then earthed up (mounding soil around the stems) so the stems become blanched, start doing this once stems are 30cm tall. Draw up the soil 7.5cm (3in) at a time until the top is exposed. Alternatively, use collars made of corrugated cardboard, brown paper, newspaper, plastic drainpipe or similar.
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