Broad Bean ‘Aguadulce supersimonia’


Broad Bean ‘Aguadulce supersimonia’ is a high yield plant, producing large beans with a mild flavour.

Picked young, these classic beans are sweet and tender a perfect accompaniment to a traditional Sunday lunch with butter and black pepper.

We enjoy a Nigel Slater recipe using baby broad beans with yoghurt, spring onion and dill. I toss them through pasta with a little basil and feta for a light lunch.  We also use them to make a version of the Egyptian dish ful medames, a delicious spicy stew traditionally eaten for breakfast often with eggs; but enjoyed anytime of the day in our house. When they get a little large and leathery remove the flesh from the bean and once cooked, mash with olive oil and lemon juice for a delicious dip. Goodness, I love broad beans

This is a productive variety for both spring and autumn sowing, reliable and mid-sized.

Common name Broad Bean
Latin name Vicia Fava
Variety Aguadulce Supersimonia
Quantity 40
Plant size Height: 120 cm
Width: 15 cm
Planting indoors Feb to May
Planting outdoors Apr to May
Sep to Nov
Harvesting Spring sown crops will be ready to pick in about 15 weeks. Autumn sown crops ready in about 30 weeks.
Planting Sow seeds 5 cm deep and 20 cm apart. They are best sown in double rows, with the rows 20 cm apart. If a second double row is needed this should be positioned 60 cm away from the first.
Light Full sun to partial shade
Watering Regular watering, allow to dry out
Pests Black bean aphid: Sap-sucking aphids will disfigure plants and cause stunting to leaves and stems.

Pinch out infested tips, or use a water and soap solution to spray on the aphid - we make an insecticide with the Black soap from Aleppo.
Harvesting You can pick pods when they are 7.5cm (3in) long and cook them whole. When picking pods to shell, wait until the beans are visible through the pod, but don't leave them too long - the scar on the bean should still be white or green - not black, as the beans will become tough at this stage.

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