Borlotti beans


Borlotti beans (also known as Roman beans) have been a staple of Italy for centuries (though the family of beans is also known as French beans!)

Wow what a gorgeous bean.  I love this and grow it every year.  As its Italian name suggests, it is indeed rampant and in late summer climbing through our apple trees, its red and cream speckled pods against a blue sky transports you to Tuscany.  The meaty bean itself is the star ingredient of the classic and comforting Italian bean and pasta recipe Pasta e Fagioli.



Common name Borlotti bean
Latin name Fagiolo Rampicante
Variety Borlotto Lamon
Quantity 50
Plant size Height: 180 cm
Width: 9 cm
Planting indoors Apr to Jun
Planting outdoors Apr to Jul
Light Full sun to partial shade
Soil Well-drained, moist and loamy soil
Watering Regular watering, not overdone
Feeding Light feeding
Caring Does need support, can be grown up bamboo canes, twiggy sticks or through trees :) Water well during drought. Mulch with well-rotted organic matter around the plants in June to help conserve soil moisture.

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