No. 08 horn handled knife by Opinel


The No. 08 horn handled knife is a luxury version of the classic Opinel No. 08 knife.

Directed by art cutlery workshop Mongin, the handle in blond horn is shaped from the cow horn tip. Each handle is unique in its color ranging from pearl white to dark blond and by the presence of varying dark lines.

The locking mechanism, introduced in 1955, in order to improve safety; invented by the owner at the time, Marcel Opinel, the son of the founder, Joseph Opinel.

The blade shape is a Yatagan shape. A traditional Turkish saber, the toe up, inspired the shape. An exclusive convex profile ensures the strength of the blade and also allows efficient regrinding.

  • 8.5 cm blade in Sandvik 12C27 modified polished stainless steel
  • Virobloc safety ring, locks the blade in either the open or closed position

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