Balad lantern

How does your garden glow? – with a Balad!!

A fabulous new product from Fermob, a rechargeable outdoor & waterproof LED lantern!! Its clever design will add pools of light in the garden when the sun has gone down and the wine is flowing…

Balad is a safe, flame-free and family friendly lamp that is easily rechargeable via its USB port. You can charge it up via your phone charger or socket in the car if you’re on your adventures and travels. The charged lamp will light a luxuriously long evening in the garden, campsite or poolside. Camping in the wilderness or living it up at home, it’s environmentally friendly and party perfect at the same time!!

Variations on a theme….

Available in six shades from the Fermob colour pallet and two sizes, the Balad is a classic in the making, simple and a-glow.

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Showing all 2 results