Bath & body

In Bath & Body, we’ve sourced products not just for cleaning up. Whether you’re a gardener who likes to relax and hopefully pamper themselves a little or looking for a gift for someone special, hopefully you can find something here for a relaxing time.

Soap made the traditional way, with natural oils, work with nature to cleanse. Our body brushes, for scrubbing away the garden grime, are natural products, ethically made.


We’ve sourced these products from Scandinavia in the north of Europe to Provence in the south of France; all from specialist suppliers who are as passionate about their work as we are.

But it’s not just about practicality and treating nature with respect – these products are beautiful too. Whether in appearance or fragrance, these are treats for the senses as well as the conscience.

Showing 13–15 of 15 results

Showing 13–15 of 15 results