Autumn clippings

October is a month of exciting adventures.  It's all about being; and being outside! After the heat haze of summer, our newly discovered autumnal senses are sharpened. October is also a month of 'firsts'!! The first of the leaves falling from their trees, the first tang of frost in the misty air, the first whiff of wood smoke, the first bundles of fire wood entering the house and possibly the first hot chocolate sipped outside from an enamel mug whilst wrapped in a blanket whilst watching dusk turn into starlight.

We love autumn, can't you tell?  Back from travels and back at the homestead, hunkering down, preparing for a cosy winter and obviously Christmas (but we're not onto that yet).  We've travelled this summer; to Stockholm, to Paris & to our own beloved London Town in search of beautiful and useful goods that are also produced with love, care and ethics.



Autumn is a time to gather: whether that be apples, pears, pumpkins or firewood. A good task deserves good tools and amongst our new finds we have the makings of a practical and oh so beautiful tool shed – let the work commence.


…rest & play…

After all that lovely, rejuvenating hard work, gathering in one's bounty, the body and mind needs to relax.  The smell of wood smoke is for us one of the highs of the season so come on baby light my fire (sorry!).