Glass drops from Damascus, Syria


There is a long history of glass blowing in Syria and these glass drops from Damascus are still made near there today. The craftsmen work in small family run workshops and whilst they have faced some difficulties (such as the cost of oil to run the furnaces) due to the current crisis in Syria, they are still pursuing their craft.

As the large ovens that could accommodate several glass-blowers at once have become expensive to run, due to the cost of oil, they now work with smaller ovens, built for a single craftsmen.

Initially, clear glass drops are made in the oven, followed by the colours. Dismantling and rebuilding these brick and clay ovens every six to twelve months, the process starts again.

These glass drops and balls are handmade, consequently there will be variations in the size and colour. However, as a guide, they are approximately sized as follows:

  • Small drops: 7 cm long
  • Medium drops: 11 cm long
  • Large drops: 13 cm long
  • Small balls: 3 cm
  • Medium balls: 9 to 10 cm

A natural product made with re-cycled glass; as a result the colours can vary a little from those shown.

Glass drop colours:

  • Clear
  • Olive
  • Amber
  • Turquoise
  • Green
  • Plum
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