Rendez-Vous table in Liquorice
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Rendez-Vous table and armchairs in AubergineRendez-Vous table and armchairs in Russet and Linen, Flower perforated armchair in PaprikaFlower table in Carrot, Rendez-vous chair in Poppy & Plum, Rendez-vous table in Plum, Surprising chairs in Carrot & FuchsiaPhotography by Julie Ansiau

Rendez-vous table Ø 110 cm


An air of tradition, a feeling of novelty… Rendez-vous combines classicism and creative audacity by playing with Fermob’s know-how, incorporating ironwork, wirework and perforations (not to mention the elegant patterns of light they produce!). In short, Rendez-vous represents a whole range of contrasts that can be accentuated through an extensive choice of colours.

Cotton White (01)
Linen (19)
Nutmeg (14)
Capucine (45)
Carrot (27)
Honey (73)
Pink Praline (93)
Poppy (67)
Chili (43)
Turquoise (16)
Lagoon Blue (46)
Steel Grey (38)
Russet (09)
Cedar Green (02)
Rosemary (48)
Verbena (29)
Willow Green (65)
Cactus (82)
Aubergine (28)
Plum (44)
Deep Blue (92)
Storm Grey (26)
Anthracite (47)
Liquorice (42)

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Availability4 to 6 weeks
MaterialSteel rod legs
Solid sheet steel table top
CapacitySuitable for up to eight people
ProtectionVery High Protection Treatment for outdoor use
Anti-UV powder coating
Guarantee3-year guarantee
Weight22 kg
Dimensions110 × 110 × 74 cm
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