Advanced Gutenberg – Advanced Image test #1

This is an Advanced Gutenberg Advanced Image block with a link added to the title. The title is displayed with the hyperlink showing.

<a href=””>This is a link</a>

Your subtitle here

The Advanced Image block includes a <a href..> link anyway for the whole image, which is enabled in the “Action on click” section. This is currently set to “None”.

Looking at the HTML, it shows the <a being rendered wrong, it’s also using strange quotes (the #8221):

<div class="wp-block-advgb-image advgb-image-block full-width advgb-img-1b4038ab-6df9-45da-8b0f-0a912ff11dd9" style="background-image:url(;background-position:50% 50%;height:500px;width:500px;justify-content:center;align-items:center" data-image="">
<a class="advgb-image-overlay" style="background-color:#000" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">
<h4 class="advgb-image-title" style="color:#fff">
&lt;a href=&#8221;;>This is a link&lt;/a>
<p class="advgb-image-subtitle" style="color:#fff">Your subtitle here</p></div>